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After graduating as a Master Gunsmith and Stock-maker at the Liège Gunsmithing School in 1978, Jan Bliki immediately started his own business, where he continued to display his passion for quality and detail; he is been doing so ever since. This has resulted in several profound partnerships:

PIOTTI was discovered in the early 1970s, as a result of our admiration for their unmatched eye for detail and top-notch luxury guns. Since 1988, BLIKI are their exclusive distributor for the Benelux. The PIOTTI family is the only gun manufacturer that still builds all of its components at their own premises.

Visit the website of Piotti
BROWNING headquarters are located in Belgium.Furthermore, their world-renowned guns are still manufactured in Liège at the “Browning Custom Shop”. Obviously, we have chosen to be a preferred BROWNING partner dealer.

Visit the website of Browning

HEYM is our favorite brand regarding bolt-action rifles. Their gun-making tradition goes back to 1862, but their innovation leads to the magnificent modern straight-pull bolt-action rifle. Besides their unprecedented classic bolt-action rifles. Both models exist in left- and right-handed versions. All their barrels are made in-house according the cold hammering technique. This makes them the preferred subcontractor for other brands when it comes to class-A barrels.

Visit the website of Heym

Worldwide, passionate hunters rely on the long tradition and uncompromising quality of Austria’s Swarovski Optik. Enjoy the highest degree of observation! See the unseen!

Visit the website of Swarovski
English-made HULL cartridges stand for: soft to the shoulder but hard on the target. Hull is a master in manufacturing patterns with low gas pressure, but high velocity. They are the only cartridge manufacturer holding the British "Royal Warrant". Exclusively for the Belgian market, HULL and BLIKI have developed a new powerful 28gram steel cartridge 12/70. These cartridges easily develop the legal velocity of 430 m/sec. A very comfortable and high-performing cartridge.

Visit the website of Hull

Despite its 500-year anniversary and therefore the oldest gun-manufacturer in the world, Beretta remains surprisingly innovative ... These guns are the least maintenance-intensive from our range.

Visit the website of Beretta

Zeiss makes the day longer! The Zeiss brand is not only a synonym for the highest quality on the market. They produce a new line of both binoculars - conquest  and riflescopes - Duralyt wherewith they win the “Best Buy”-award. BLIKI belongs to the recognized ZEISS Center 's since 2006, as a consequence of our mutually proven track record of quality and service.

Visit the website of Zeiss

Aya - Our most recent partnership is with AYA (since 2010)
BLIKI Gunsmiths is the exclusive BeNeLux distributor for these legendary classic handmade Spanish shotguns. This traditional side-by-side sidelock shotgun, is tried and certified to fire steel cartridges. Custom made options, such as stock-length adjustment, initial engraving, etc. .. are at hand for a minimal surcharge. These exquisite Spanish shotguns are, without a doubt,  the best alternative to an English shotgun. Our firm recommendation to everyone who’s looking for a traditional high-quality shotgun, but who’s not willing to pay the London price-tags.

Visit the website of Aya

BLIKI Gunsmiths is one of the few permit holders within the Flemish region who complies with all the requirements to obtain export permits to most countries.

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