The MSR RX22 comes equipped with a superb 16-inch barrel, a railed forend for mounting accessories, a 10-round magazine and flip-up front and rear sights.

MSR Answer

The MSR RX22 is a joint development by three German companies: Anschutz, German Sport Guns and ESC Ulm. The goal of this collaboration was to develop and produce a highly accurate semi-automatic rifle with excellent shooting performance that was suitable for the dynamic .22 LR disciplines as well as precision shooting. The result was an all-round rifle that would appeal to all shooters in search of a combination of outstanding accuracy, lightness and practicality.

“The rifle looks like a visibly lightened SCAR with M4-like ambidextrous controls and a nice folding stock that is adjustable for cheek height and length of pull.”

Anschutz develops and produces the MSR RX22’s components, including the barrel and the trigger system. ESC took care of the design, and German Sport Guns assumed the assembly.

The barrels are manufactured with the same special button-rifling process—even on the same machinery—Anschutz uses for manufacturing its legendary 1813 and 1913 target barrels. The same also applies to the manufacturing process of the chamber and the recessed muzzle. And speaking of chambers, the .22 LR has a surprisingly large number of different chamber reamers, as I learned while talking with reamer guru Dave Kiff from Pacific Tools. From all of them, Anschutz uses its proprietary design, with a very long lead of only a half-degree and a short headspace of 0.619 inches. In my tests, this has proven to be extremely accurate, especially with premium and match ammunition.

In short, the MSR RX22 has a superb 16-inch barrel with a 1-in-16-inch twist rate and is capable of producing 50-shot groups within 0.78 inches at 55 yards, per Anschutz’s own requirements. That’s nearly a 50-shot 1.37-MOA group!

Scar Tissue

And what about the rifle surrounding that awesome barrel? The rifle looks like a visibly lightened SCAR with M4-like ambidextrous controls and a nice folding stock that is adjustable for cheek height and length of pull. The ergonomics are very similar to the M4, so most shooters will feel at home shooting this little rifle.

There are several basic variants of the MSR rifle. The Desert (tan) and Black Hawk (black) are oriented to the U.S. market and many other parts of the world. Both are offered with fixed and folding stocks, as in many countries, such as New Zealand, folding stocks are forbidden. The Precision and Competition models are specifically designed for European-style dynamic and Mini F-Class competitions.

The rifle has a blowback action with a hammer lock and is divided into upper and lower receivers that can be separated with screws. One fine feature is that the ambidextrous cocking handle can be inserted into any of three different positions on each side of the upper receiver to adapt to a shooter’s preferences. And talking about options, you will not find a typical 12mm small-bore rail on this MSR RX22 but a 16.9-inch-long Picatinny rail that runs the entire length of the upper and increases its versatility—users can mount red dots, such as the superb Aimpoint CompM4, or any conventional scopes and sights.



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