• The slide, barrel and internal parts are all stainless, while the alloy frame is anodized to match the color and finish of the other components. It also features stippled-textured soft rubber grips that further absorb recoil while affording a firm and positive grip. Besides being one of the most photogenic handguns ever made (it appeared in countless movies and TV shows), it is perfect for home or personal defense, as well as concealed carry and recreational shooting.



1.490,00 €Prijs

  • Action Single/Double
    Barrel length (mm) 125
    Barrel length (in) 4.9
    Caliber 9x19 (PARA)
    Magazine 15
    Overall height (mm) 137
    Overall height (in) 5.4
    Overall length (mm) 217
    Overall length (in) 8.5
    Overall width (mm) 38
    Overall width (in) 1.5
    Sight radius (in) 6.1
    Sight radius (mm) 155
    Weight unloaded (g) 945
    Weight unloaded (OZ) 33.3


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