Renowned worldwide for their handling, accuracy and durability, each HEYM rifle made in Germany represents over 150-years of experience combined with the best in modern materials, machining capabilities and craftsmanship.

The SR30 action is extremely versatile as the rifle can be carried with the bolt closed but in the de-tensioned position and when ready to fire simply push the bolt handle forward. The mechanical bolt mounted safety only works in the detensioned position, which also locks the bolt handle in place to avoid accidental cocking of the bolt. This is the absolute definition of safety when it comes to a rifle.

The HEYM SR 30 locks up with 6 balls which are pushed out from the bolt into a channel. The biggest test was preformed in Beschussamt Suhl Germany where they successfully tested the SR30 lock up with 8000 loaded bar of pressure.

An accurate rifle doesn’t have to have a synthetic stock. The SR “Precision” series of rifle is built around our hammer-forged, match-grade barrel, and select walnut stock with oil finish and hand checkering. Each “Precision” rifle is guaranteed to shoot five, successive shots into 20mm at 100 meters, or it doesn’t leave the factory.

  • straight pull bolt
  • Krupp Steel, hammer forged barrel, made In-House at HEYM
  • exceptional accuracy
  • elegant design
  • steel receiver
  • detachable steel magazine, large capacity available

Barrel length: 
Standard calibre & magnum calibre 60 cm or 66 cm available

Total length: 
Standard calibre & magnum calibre 113 cm or 119 cm

3.6 kg

New Classic stock walnut grade 2, German cheek piece, rubber butt pad, rosewood end on the forend, hand checkering, special action bedding.

Heavy muzzle diameter 18 mm, without sight

Direct trigger. Trigger weight factory setting approx. 800g and special action bedding.

Single-Stage, Set at a Crisp 3.0 lbs With no Creep and no Over-Travel

DOES NOT INCLUDE picatinny rail and scope mounts

Available Calibres
SR 21 & SR 30

Medium Calibre
.22-250 Rem. / .25-06 / .243 Win. / 6,5 x 55 SM / 6,5 x 64 / .270 Win. / 7 x 57 / 7 x 64 / .308 Win. / .30-06 / .30-06 Ackley Improved (A.I.) / 8 x 57 JS / 8 x 64 S / 8,5 x 63 / 9,3 x 62

Magnum Calibre 
6,5 x 68 / .270 WSM / .300 WSM / 7 mm Rem. Mag. / .300 Win. Mag. / .338 Win. Mag. / 8 x 68 S / .375 Ruger

Mini Calibre (Only right hand) 
.222 Rem. / .223 Rem.

HEYM Precision

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  • Heym SR30 Straight Pull Bolt Action Rifle

    The Heym SR30 made its debut in 1998, three years after the company moved from its old factory at Münnerstadt to Gleichamberg, in Thuringia, Germany. This new straight pull rifle action uses the common pattern for straight pull bolt actions wherein the bolt is comprised of an outer sleeve with an inner bolt. In the case of the SR30 the inner bolt has cams at its breech end that engage ball bearing locking lugs and force them outwards into a groove in the action about 15mm from the bolt face. These “ball bearing” locking lugs make this a strong front locking action: the principle is much the same as that of the push button sling swivels which use the same ball bearings locking into a groove principle to attach to their bases in the rifle-stock. An additional advantage to this system is that the cam applies an even pressure to each of the ball bearing locking lugs ensuring a concentric and consistent bolt lock-up. The system is very strong, so strong that Heym have successfully tested it at 110,000psi pressure, which is about double the 55,000psi pressure of a typical full power rifle cartridge.