The K-Frame revolver is one of the most important innovations in Smith & Wesson history and was built specifically to handle the .38 S&W Special cartridge. Since its introduction in 1899, the K-Frame has been a favorite for military and police professionals as well as target shooters and enthusiasts. Today's K-Frame is available in .22 LR, .357 Magnum and .38 S&W Special.


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    SKU: 164224

    Model: Model 686

    Caliber: 357 Magnum, 38 S&W SPECIAL +P

    Capacity: 6

    Barrel Length: 6" / 15.2 cm

    Overall Length: 11.9"

    Front Sight: Red Ramp

    Rear Sight: Adjustable White Outline

    Action: Single/Double Action

    Grip: Synthetic

    Weight: 44.8 oz / 1,270.1g

    Cylinder Material: Stainless Steel

    Barrel Material: Stainless Steel

    Frame Material: Stainless Steel

    Frame Finish: Satin Stainless

    Purpose: Home Protection, Hunting, State Compliance


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